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Lemontree ADS provide high quality and huge volume of traffic from worldwide, will help you promote your product, grow your brand awareness, and increase to grab the worldwide customers for aware from your brand product and services. We are doing next level of marketing to growth for our company and our clients. contact us today and join us for advertising, when relationship with us, you will get a dedicated account manager.

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To run an effective performance marketing campaign you need to deliver the right message across the right channels. Whether you need to acquire new customers, generate leads, or drive other customer actions—we have the tools, the people, and the expertise to get the job done.

What We Offer?

Best-Performing solutions for traffic


Machine learning​

Our system will send your traffic to the highest converting call centres based on GEO, language, time and traffic source. The more traffic flows through our system the better your results.

Real-time stats

How much have you earned? We know that! Our tracking system enables affiliates to monitor the traffic flow, transactions and conversion in real time.


Our funnels run on the inhouse-developed technology tracking all transactions, which protects our affiliates from shave on advertiser’s side.


We ensure that the traffic being sent to your campaigns is comprised of real consumers who are hungry for your product or service.


Your brand’s integrity is protected. Our processes vet affiliates, prevent fraud, and surveil traffic around the clock.

Verified Partners

We pre-screen all our applicants who must meet minimum requirements to be accepted

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